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Hi! Welcome to the dark side ! Here we take photos of cars as I am a big car enthusiast and named partner in the ownership of a garage in our town, called Taunton Automobiles. My passion for photography started a couple of years ago when I realized I could do both at the same time, mixing business with pleasure. I`ll leave a couple of examples here , it will make more sense :) 

I`m actually glad that you put in the effort to scroll down and check my work, I truly appreciate each and every one of you, THANK YOU! There`s more to my side than you can imagine, all the effort that I put in these photos is countless hours of editing, planning and organizing. Slowly my style has been improved until it got here; from this point onward , expectations start to grow bigger and bigger, and there are days where inspiration is leaving the room, not knowing what will be next, what shall I do, what would catch your eye, YES! Your Eye, as all this is done for the public! This is how my channel has started out, using different tools, different angles , different types of props I have somehow managed to learn the cinematography side of business. Check it out -> 

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