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Booking Guidelines:


We highly recommend scheduling your session within the initial 7-14 days following your baby's birth. This early timeframe ensures flexibility in outfit choices for your newborn. However, if the session is scheduled beyond this period, the options may be limited to swaddling the baby in a variety of colorful wraps.

We offer the opportunity for you to select the color scheme for your newborn session in advance, ensuring that everything is prepared and ready for your arrival on the day of the session.

In the case of siblings, we recommend commencing with family photos at the begining, as younger siblings can become restless and uncooperative as the session progresses.


The duration of the photoshoot generally falls within a range of 2 to 4 hours, taking into account the individual needs and disposition of the baby. If the baby happens to be unsettled or in need of feeding or changing, the session may extend to ensure their comfort and well-being.


For babies beyond the initial newborn stage, it is common for them to remain awake for longer periods (though not always) and may not always curl up as easily, potentially leading to a variety of poses and images. When considering booking a session for older newborns, please be mindful of these factors. However, it's important to note that beautiful images can still be created, including striking awake shots.


  1. Raw, unfinished photos are not provided.

  2. You will receive the photos in digital format via a download link.

  3. Please allow 2 weeks for the delivery of photos.

Plain Background with 2 setups            250£ with 15 photos

What does it mean?

The family photos will be captured against a solid-colored backdrop, carefully selected to harmonize with the overall prop color scheme.

Two distinct settings will be arranged, featuring a pristine white wooden floor as well as a rich brown one.

_SRJ2284 copy.jpg
_SRJ3774 .jpg

Lifestyle Session
350 £ with 25 photos

What does it mean?


The photography session will commence against a neutral backdrop, with two additional setups arranged on wooden flooring available in either white or brown. Following this, we will transition to the lifestyle session, which will be captured within our present decor. (Ask details about the current lifestyle decor)

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